Non-NHS Services Fees

We aim to complete private work within 30 days of receiving payment. If documents are needed before then we can offer to return them to you within 14 days of receiving payment for a 25% increase on the standard fee.

Photo copies per side£0.40
Firearms Certificate Renewal£88.00
Firearms Certificate First Time Application £110.00
Fitness to travel certificate (LONG)£145.20
Fitness to travel certificate (SHORT)£72.60
Freedom from infection certificate£87.12
Fitness to undertake sporting event certificate£87.12
Fitness certificate for parachuting certificate£174.24
Fitness certificate for pilot Licence certificate£174.24
School/ College medical certificate£72.60
Private sick note£29.00
Detailed report + opinion£261.36
Report on proforma£174.24
DVLA medical fitness report£174.24
Holiday cancellation claim (LONG)£145.20
Holiday cancellation claim (SHORT)£72.60
Blue Badge Information Letter£72.60
Private medical insurance claim (LONG)£145.20
Private medical insurance claim (SHORT)£72.60
Medical Comprehensive + report £237.60
Medical Less Complex + report£158.40
Letter not related to medical Care£22.00
Hourly rate for GP£297.00
For more information, please view the page on the BMA website.