There are several different ways to get the medical advice you need. We offer online access to consultations through our website, telephone consultations and face to face appointments.

If you need to make an appointment, please contact the surgery through the website, by telephone on either 01865 881206 or 01993 881330 or in-person at either reception. We also offer certain types of appointments via the NHS online booking app.

In the interest of continuity, we try and encourage our patients to speak to or see their named GP in routine appointments as research has shown this improves patients’ health. If you do not know who your named doctor is, please ask one of our practice team to confirm this or you can see it on the right-hand side of your prescription. You can check your doctor’s working availability here. However, we understand that some patients may require urgent medical attention which may not fall on their named doctor ’ s working day. In this scenario please do not delay seeking help and you should always contact us that day to arrange an urgent appointment.

To ensure we provide you with the most suitable help from our team within an appropriate time frame we use a triaging system. This means a GP will look at every request for help coming into the practice and decide how best we can help. Your request will be triaged within 24 hours by a GP. Urgent issues will be triaged and dealt with the same day.

Our reception staff have been trained to gather some basic information to help make this possible. The more information you can give us the easier this is for our team. We will also ask the urgency of your need, the person you would like to contact, your preferred appointment type (phone/face-to-face), when you are unavailable, and your preferred mode of contact (text/email/phone).We may also need to send you a message – by text or email – asking for more information. This is to ensure we offer you the most appropriate care we can, and we appreciate your assistance with this.

Our team will contact you before the end of the next working day to offer you an appointment. Sometimes we may offer you an appointment on a specific date and time, or, more commonly we may send you a self-book link which allows you to book your own appointment at your convenience. We will always do our best to try and offer your preferred type of appointment. Appointments will be bookable 3 weeks in advance. If the time you are offered is not convenient, we ask that you reply to your appointment invitation text or ring our reception team to change it. Some appointments are ‘extra’ in addition to our scheduled clinics and unfortunately, we cannot give a fixed time for these. If you have a question about the booking process, you should enquire at one of our receptions.