Non NHS services

Our practices offer a range of non NHS Services performed by both doctors and nurses for which a fee is required. All our fees are reviewed annually in-house; you can view the fees below or alternatively ask for the fee sheet at reception.

For more information, please view the ‘Why does my doctor charge fees?’ page on the BMA website.

Please note all fees are to be paid at the time that the service is delivered

  • The preparation of medical reports for insurance companies/solicitors
  • Conducting medical examinations e.g. for insurance companies, driving medicals, holiday cancellation medicals
  • The completion of medical questionnaires for public/private authorities e.g. OFSTED
  • Completion of forms e.g. fitness to travel
  • Countersigning of forms e.g. driving licence applications
  • Production of letters of reference
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Private prescriptions

Please note that failure to attend an appointment for a non-NHS service will attract a financial penalty of 60% of the fee.