Dr Coffey has this message for his Patients

I’m sorry to be retiring from a job I have enjoyed for so many years without saying goodbye to individual patients but happily this website affords a good alternative.

I’ve had a pretty good innings over the thirty-seven years since I first started working at The Eynsham Medical Group and have a great deal to be thankful for. I’ve been part of a great team who I know will continue to work very hard to provide excellent general practice.

Above all I feel privileged to have worked for such great patients. Your patience, forbearance, support and kindness are what encouraged me to continue working for rather longer than is normal now in Primary Care.

On a personal note I should say that I am a great deal better than I expected to be back in October when I had to have fairly major surgery and can testify to the very high standard of treatment The Churchill Hospital provides.

Thank you for all the many cards and messages and above all thanks for being my patients.

Best wishes,