Covid-19 Vaccine Update January 2021

Eynsham Medical Group is delighted to be working with the Witney practices to deliver the COVID-19 vaccination program. Due to complex logistics we will begin by vaccinating at Windrush surgery in Witney, and it may take 6-9 months to complete the program.

The vaccine will be given in stages starting with the care home residents, health and care workers and over 80’s (groups 1 &2 in the national priority list) . We will contact eligible patients directly to arrange the vaccination. Please do not contact the surgery to book, we have to refuse unless you have been invited. The vaccine is currently delivered to us at short notice, in batches. This means that we must invite eligible patients in batches, rather than open booking for all eligible patients at once as we would for the flu clinics. Please don’t worry if you haven’t yet been invited yet, you haven’t been forgotten. We will offer the vaccine to all eligible patients in the highest priority groups before moving on.

We thank our community for your generous support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it is hugely appreciated. We hope this is the beginning of return to normal life but we have two big asks to help us get there:

  • Please bear with us as we step up to deliver the vaccination program alongside normal general practice, and consider other resources such as the NHS website and local pharmacies to help self-manage problems when appropriate.

  • Consider volunteering to be trained to give vaccinations, particularly if you have any medical, nursing or first aid training; or to work as a steward

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