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Covid-19 Vaccine Update January 2021

Eynsham Medical Group is delighted to be working with the Witney practices to deliver the COVID-19 vaccination program. Due to complex logistics we will begin by vaccinating at Windrush surgery in Witney, and it may take 6-9 months to complete the program.

The vaccine will be given in stages starting with the care home residents, health and care workers and over 80’s (groups 1 &2 in the national priority list) . We will contact eligible patients directly to arrange the vaccination. Please do not contact the surgery to book, we have to refuse unless you have been invited. The vaccine is currently delivered to us at short notice, in batches. This means that we must invite eligible patients in batches, rather than open booking for all eligible patients at once as we would for the flu clinics. Please don’t worry if you haven’t yet been invited yet, you haven’t been forgotten. We will offer the vaccine to all eligible patients in the highest priority groups before moving on.

We thank our community for your generous support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it is hugely appreciated. We hope this is the beginning of return to normal life but we have two big asks to help us get there:

  • Please bear with us as we step up to deliver the vaccination program alongside normal general practice, and consider other resources such as the NHS website and local pharmacies to help self-manage problems when appropriate.

  • Consider volunteering to be trained to give vaccinations, particularly if you have any medical, nursing or first aid training; or to work as a steward

To volunteer email

For more information about the vaccine click

For information about the vaccine priority list

For information about how we are delivering our services during the COVID-19 pandemic click

Large Scale Covid Vaccine Study at Eynsham Medical Centre

We are pleased to announce that Eynsham Medical Group has been selected to be a recruitment site to a large scale Covid vaccine trial.

The trial will be starting in mid-November and we will be seeking about 170 volunteers from our adult population from Eynsham Medical Centre and Long Hanborough Surgery to participate. Like all of the other Covid vaccine studies it is what is called a “double blinded” trial, meaning that half of the group will get the vaccination and half will get a placebo injection of saline.

The vaccination visits will take place at Eynsham Medical Centre. Some follow up visits will be required but any travel expenses will be paid for. Follow up of volunteers is for 2 years and with any Covid like illness in that timescale you would see one of the medical team to be assessed.

We look forward to the community’s involvement in this important trial and the surgery’s research team will make contact in due course.

Dr. Ian Binnian

Research Lead GP,

Eynsham Medical Group.

Coronavirus – Changes in GP Care Update

We are open and providing advice and care to patients

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is a new illness that is spreading across the UK. GP practices are taking actions to protect patients, staff and the wider community by introducing a new telephone triage system for GP appointments. We aim to meet your health needs whilst at the same time limiting the footfall through GP surgeries to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, in line with national guidance.

Choose the right service

If you become unwell or are injured, there are a number of NHS services available to provide the best health care for your needs. Choosing the right NHS service will help get you the best advice quickest and reduces pressure on A&E and GP services, freeing them up to help those who need it most. This link explains the range of services available, including for self-care and for urgent care (or telephone 111).

Consulting your GP

To contact your GP for advice or a consultation please fill in the ‘econsult’ form on the home page of our website. We monitor the forms throughout the day. We aim to respond before the end of the next working day, or sooner. This is swifter than phoning as unfortunately our phone lines can be quite busy. We ask you not come to the surgery to book an appointment, so as to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

  • For long term problems it’s best to consult with your usual GP. You can do this by contacting the practice on the days that your GP is at work. You can find your GP’s working days on the ‘teams’ page of our website. For urgent problems the duty team is available during working hours. In an emergency please call 999.
  • All GP appointments will initially be by telephone. The GP will do all they can to help you over the phone – however, should they feel the need to see you face to face for an examination, you will be invited to the surgery for review.
  • Please can all patients attending the practice ensure that, wherever possible, they come alone. Any patient who visits the practice will be required to wear a face covering to enter the premises. Please bring your own face covering with you, as the practice will not be able to provide these for you.

Do not attend the surgery if you have a new cough or fever. Instead please contact or ring 111

Visiting the Surgery

At Eynsham Medical Group we are working hard to reintroduce services that were previously suspended to due to Covid 19 restrictions. In these very unusual times it can sometimes feel as though things are returning to normal. However, the threat of Covid is still very real and we would encourage our patients to only attend the surgery if absolutely necessary. Our aim throughout the pandemic has been to reduce footfall in the surgeries and therefore the risk to our staff and patients whilst providing the best care possible.

If you have an appointment at either of the surgeries, we advise that you remain outside of the building wherever possible, and wait to be contacted by your clinician who will escort you to your appointment. You are still able to drop your samples at reception. For all other non-urgent enquiries we ask that you do not come to reception but do please contact us via phone or eConsult in the first instance.

eConsult is an online enquiry form you can submit from our website. Your query, regardless of whether it is medical or not, will be responded to by the end of the next business day.

With Flu vaccinations being delivered in the near future we are going to be introducing a dedicated booking line to save queueing on our very busy phone lines. Please check our website for more details in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your continued support.

Flu Vaccination Update

Please note that, if you are aged between 50 and 64 and not in a clinical at risk group, the earliest you will be offered a flu vaccination is November, providing there is sufficient vaccine. No appointments will be offered for people in this age group until then. This is to ensure that those who are most at risk are vaccinated first. If you are aged 50 to 64 and are in a clinical ‘at risk’ group which is eligible for the flu vaccination, for example you have a health condition which puts you at risk from the flu, you will be invited earlier.

Flu Vaccinations: The staff and doctors at Eynsham Medical Group have been working hard to arrange a safe and convenient way for our patients who are at risk and, or over 65 to get their flu vaccinations this year.

We will be inviting the first cohort of ‘at risk’ patients who are under 65 to an initial dedicated clinic on 19th September at Eynsham Medical Centre. Please note; These appointments are not pre bookable. Eligible patients will be sent a text or letter in the absence of a mobile number. You will be required to bring your text or letter with you to your appointment. Anyone who attends the clinic that has not been invited and is not eligible will be refused the vaccination. If you are not invited to this initial clinic we will be putting on further clinics for this group and inviting individuals in the same way. Initial clinics for all over 65 year old patients will be held on the afternoon of 17th September at Long Hanborough and on Saturday 26th September at Eynsham.

Please note that patients living in the Long Hanborough area are very welcome to attend an appointment at the Eynsham Saturday clinic. These clinics are pre bookable. Please contact reception to book your appointment. To keep you all safe we will be adopting a one way system for patients attending these clinics.

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THE APPOINTMENT IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING SYMPTOMS. HIGH TEMPERATURE, LOSS OF TASTE AND SMELL, A NEW, CONTINUOUS COUGH. If you have any of these symptoms please call the surgery and a new appointment will be arranged for you.

At Eynsham; please arrive at the front door wearing a facemask. There will be queue markings in the surgery car park. When you have reached the front door please wait in the designated area and wait to be called by a nurse for your vaccination. Following your vaccination please follow the arrows to the exit which will be via the door in what is usually the waiting area.

At Long Hanborough; please come to the back door which is accessible from the car park wearing a facemask. There will be queue markings in the surgery car park. Please wait at the back door to be called by a nurse for your vaccination.  Following your vaccination please follow the arrows to the exit which will be via the door in what is usually the waiting area. For those of you over 65 with pre booked appointments please arrive at your appointment time to prevent build-up in the queue. We would like to thank you all in anticipation of your co-operation and patience, while we navigate the new and quite unique situation we all find ourselves in. We will be sending out further communication about the over 50s that are eligible to be vaccinated following the government’s announcement.

From 26th May Eynsham Medical Group Is Introducing A New Appointments System

All doctor appointments will be bookable on the day. All appointments will be made by telephoning our Patient Care Advisors. As happens currently, an initial assessment will be made by the doctor on the telephone in either a morning or afternoon time slot. The doctor will then decide if you need to attend the surgery in person.

Alongside this improvement is our eConsult option which allows you to leave an electronic enquiry for your doctor. This is easily accessible from our website and we will get back to you before the end of the next working day.

We hope these new innovations will help all our patients access the help and advice they need in a timely manner.

If you would like to leave feedback on these system improvements please do so by using the administrative queries section available at the bottom of our home page.

Online Access during Covid-19 outbreak

During the Covid-19 outbreak we are encouraging patients to register for online access to make telephone appointments and order repeat medication.

Please visit to register for an account.

Due to the current difficulties we are suspending the need to produce photo ID to authorise your account. As a precaution and to maintain security of the system, we will send a message to your registered mobile number informing you that you have registered for this service. If you receive this message no action is required. If we do not have a mobile number we will send a letter with this information.

Once the current guidelines over social distancing have been relaxed, we will ask you to bring in photo ID so we can allow you to have full access to the system

Once you are registered please go to the homepage of our website and scroll to the bottom. There is an administrative queries box on the left, please submit a message advising us that you have registered for online access and we will verify your account.


Automatic prescriptions

What are automatic prescriptions?

These are prescriptions that are automatically ready every 4 weeks. You do not need to order them in advance, you just need to come and collect your medication. As these medications will always be ready for you every 4 weeks, they do not appear on your repeat slip or online patient access.

What is the benefit of automatic prescriptions?

This is more convenient as it reduces the requirement to order your medications every month. We will also text you when your medications are ready for collection (please ensure we have an up-to-date telephone number for this).

It also allows us to have your medication prepared a week in advance, and reduces the likelihood that your medications are not available as they are out of stock. This has become a significant issue.

What type of medications can be automatically prescribed?

Any medications that you order every month, whether they are tablets, inhalers, eye drops or other medications.

For safety reasons we are unable to put medications that require regular blood tests (like Methotrexate) onto automatic prescriptions.

What about other medications that I need to order less frequently?

They can still be left on your repeats and ordered when needed. Please note that you will need to allow 7 calendar days after ordering for your medication to be ready.

How can I have my medication set up as an automatic presecription?

Please complete the administrative queries box at the bottom of this page advising that you would like to have your medications set up as automatic prescriptions.

Travel Cancellations

The surgery is currently receiving a lot of requests for travel cancellation forms from people who want to cancel their trips due to the risk of contracting coronavirus.

Please find advice from the Foreign Office here regarding travelling to specific areas of the world. Depending on your specific travel insurance policy, most insurance companies will cover cancelled trips to countries to which the Foreign Office advice is not to travel to. No certificate from your GP is required.

In addition, please be advised that the surgery is unable to provide letters or certificates to travel insurance companies supporting requests for refunds by patients who, without any significant medical illness, cancel their travel plans.

New Improved Telephone System

After a short delay we have now changed our telephone system to one that will be more user friendly for our patients.

All calls both into and out of the practice are now being recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

The system features a message letting you know your position in the queue when choosing the option to speak with our Patient Care Advisors or Dispensers. You will also have the option of leaving the queue if there are more than five people waiting. The system will explain to you how you can leave the queue, hang up and the system will automatically call you back when you have reached number three in the queue.

We hope this will enable callers with routine requests to call back at a quieter time and, for those of you who need to get through, the option not to keep hanging on the telephone during busy periods.

To allow our dispensers time to complete their tasks in an efficient manner, we have restricted the time to speak to a dispenser to between 10:30 – 12:30, Monday to Friday. You will still be able to leave a message for your repeat prescription at any time of the night and day by ringing; 01865 882879 or 01993 882784.

We would value any feedback you can give on the new telephone system. Please do so by completing the feedback form on this website.