Am I a Carer?

A carer is a person who provides unpaid care for friends, partners or relatives of any age with physical or mental illness or disability, a learning disability or frailty who need help to live at home.

We recognise the strength and sacrifices required to be a carer. So, if you care, we care. Sometimes, carers can feel alone and isolated from the support they deserve. Fortunately, there is lots of information, advice and support available to carers. Just a few of the sources of information and support are listed below. They’re worth exploring.

Please check that the surgery is aware you are a carer, by filling in this online form.

I Am a Carer

Please note that the surgery will contact you by telephone if we are not already aware that you are a carer to ask for further details.

Carer Services in Oxfordshire.

If you are new to caring or would like further information and help about caring please visit the Carers in Oxfordshire website.

Oxfordshire Social and Health Care Team may be able to help both the carer and the person for whom they are caring (Tel: 0854 050 7666).  A team of trained Carers’ Advisors will help you with specific information, advice and support . They will also be able to offer you assistance, if needed, in accessing any of the support services in Oxfordshire that you may want to use including breaks for carers, young and older, as well as some group activities or trips. There are also courses for Carers to help them in their caring roles.

Please phone, email or look on their website for further information.

Age UK also provide Carer Support Services including Peer Groups that you can access. They can also, if helpful, perform an Outreach Visit to help assess your needs

Details of how to contact the Carer services are given below. We encourage Young Carers needing support to contact Spurgeons and/or the local carers’ group.

If your job is to care for someone in their home Healthwatch Oxford would like to hear from you.

Healthwatch Oxfordshire surveys

Healthwatch Oxfordshire is an independent charity set up to hear the experiences of people who use health and social care services and what you tell them will help those making decisions about social care understand your views.

Please complete the anonymous survey at or call 01865 520 520.

If you are an unpaid carer please complete this anonyomous survey:

Facebook: @HealthwatchOxfordshire


Eynsham Carers’  Group (ECG)

Welcomes contact from carers across the practice area.
Contact: Bergljot Nornes (07468 862 175)
Website: Eynsham Carers’ Group

Oxfordshire Social and Health Care Team

Address: PO Box 780, Oxford,OX1 9GX
Tel: 0845 050 7666

Carers Oxfordshire

Tel: 0845 050 7666 (Option # 2)

Age UK

Tel: 01235 424715

Young Carers

Please contact Spurgeons.
Tel: 01865 777 224

What Help is Available?

As a carer you may be entitled to a number of benefits such as:

  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Income Support +/- a Carer’s Premium
  • Community Care Grant
  • Council Tax Support

You may also qualify under the Blue Badge Parking Scheme as a nominated driver for a disabled person as well as be eligible for travel concessions if the person you care for has a Disabled Persons Railcard. The Oxfordshire Social and Health Care Team can help you with this.

Further information about these and other benefits can be found on the DirectGov Website. There are also links here about obtaining a carer’s assessment.

Carer’s Assessments

As a Carer you are entitled to request a social services assessment if you provide substantial care on a regular basis and you are >16 years of age as this level of care is likely to have a major impact on your life.

You are entitled to this even if the person that you care for does not want their own social services assessment.

You do not need to live with the person that you are a carer for.

Referrals for assessment can be made by you via the Carers Oxfordshire Website or by telephone 0854 050 7666.

An assessment may result in:

  • Services for the cared person such as respite care, home support, day care etc.
  • Services for you such as referral for advice and information from carers organisations, other specialist groups (housing, employment, education and training, benefits) or even counselling in certain circumstances.

Free Emergency Carers Support Service

Free Emergency Carers Support Service is available to all adult carers of another adult in Oxfordshire.

It is simple and quick to register, either by:

  • completing a form online at Carers Oxfordshire Emergency Carers Support Service.
  • by telephoning Carers Oxfordshire on 0845 050 7666 where an advisor will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete the registration.
  • Once a carer is registered they can access emergency help quickly and efficiently when they need it. The service can support carers by providing replacement care when the carer suddenly or unexpectedly becomes ill, or has an accident which prevents him/her from providing care.

For further information, a pdf leaflet and online registration please visit:

Carers Oxfordshire Emergency Carers Support Service

Health Promotion

You are entitled to annual flu vaccines if you are the main carer of an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if you become ill.

The government is also promoting annual health checks for carers. If interested we will assess your height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, urine for protein and glucose and also ask about symptoms such as stress, depression and anxiety. We can then offer you appropriate health and lifestyle advice.

Other useful contacts

  • Carers Direct – Information, advice and support for carers
    Helpline: 0808 802 0202 Website:
  • Carers UK – Information and advice on all aspects of caring including benefits and tax credits, carers’ employment rights, support for carers, carer assessments and available services.
    Helpline: 0808 8087777 Website:
  • Contact a Family – Advice and support for parent carers
    Helpline: 0808 8083555 Website: