Urgent Appointments

The Practice offers a set number of urgent appointments throughout the day; these appointments are 10 minutes long and enable patients to be seen for urgent medical matters. Please call the surgery before 11am if you believe you are in need of an urgent on the day appointment.

All requests for urgent appointments will be triaged by a GP. The receptionist will put your name on the triage list for that day. One of the GPs will then call you, usually before 2pm, to assess your requirements. The GP may be able to deal with your problem over the telephone (eg s/he may provide a prescription for you or a nominated deputy to collect); s/he may ask you to come down to the surgery at an appointed time that day to be seen by one of the GPs (not necessarily the one you have spoken to on the telephone); or s/he may offer you an appointment at some time in the next few days (this will only happen if the GP feels that your condition does not require urgent treatment that day).

If you are placed on the triage list you need to be available for the GP to call you at any time up to 2pm. This means keeping the number of calls you make or receive on that number to a minimum and ensuring they are short calls; if you have asked to be called on your mobile you need to be in an area where there is a good signal. Finally, when the receptionist offers to place your name on the triage list please don’t ask her if the GP could contact you within a timescale to suit you. The GPs fit their triage telephone calls in around all their other commitments and so may be unable to call you at that particular time. This may result in you not being able to speak to a GP that day. If you are not able to make yourself available within the specified timescale you will be offered the opportunity to leave a non-urgent message for your usual GP, who will respond to this message but not necessarily the same day.