Registrars and Medical Students


We are privileged to be a training practice. This means that young doctors who are fully qualified and have some hospital experience, come to work with us for periods of up to a year to gain experience in general practice. These doctors practice under the mentorship of one of our doctors and may see patients on their own or with the mentor doctor present. Occasionally we like to be able to record consultations with video equipment for analysis in the furtherance of this training role. A patient has to give permission before this can happen by providing written authority before the consultation begins and to confirm that this still applies after the consultation has been completed.


Dr Emma Ladds

Dr Emma Ladds GP Registrar BM MCh MA(Oxon) MRCS MPH

Medical Students

From time to time we host medical students, who are interested in becoming GPs once they have completed their medical training.  These students are given the opportunity to see patients to discuss the particular problem the patient has come to see the doctor about.  You may refuse to see a medical student, but it would help greatly with their training if you would be prepared to speak to them.