Monthly Archives: October 2020

Large Scale Covid Vaccine Study at Eynsham Medical Centre

We are pleased to announce that Eynsham Medical Group has been selected to be a recruitment site to a large scale Covid vaccine trial.

The trial will be starting in mid-November and we will be seeking about 170 volunteers from our adult population from Eynsham Medical Centre and Long Hanborough Surgery to participate. Like all of the other Covid vaccine studies it is what is called a “double blinded” trial, meaning that half of the group will get the vaccination and half will get a placebo injection of saline.

The vaccination visits will take place at Eynsham Medical Centre. Some follow up visits will be required but any travel expenses will be paid for. Follow up of volunteers is for 2 years and with any Covid like illness in that timescale you would see one of the medical team to be assessed.

We look forward to the community’s involvement in this important trial and the surgery’s research team will make contact in due course.

Dr. Ian Binnian

Research Lead GP,

Eynsham Medical Group.