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Eynsham Medical Centre receives a helping hand

Eynsham Medical Centre has received a helping hand in the form of donations amounting to £1,250 from local Freemasons of the Aelfric Lodge, Woodstock, for the purchase of a vein viewer for use in the practice.

The medical centre’s representative explained that this equipment shows up deep seated veins, avoids unnecessary bruising to patients and makes the taking of blood samples so much easier.

Dr  Lorenz Kemper, Eddie Peirce, Dr Ian Binnian, Dr Paul Coffey, Nick Chaitow, Mike Ashmore and Bob Buckingham as the vein viewer is presented to the medical centre.

Bob Buckingham, Nick Chaitow, Dr Lorenz Kemper, Dr Paul Coffey, Mike Ashmore, Eddie Peirce and Dr Ian Binnian